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Leinbach Auction & Realty, LLC was founded in the early 1990’s by Todd A. Leinbach in Arcadia, NC. The company has since grown from doing a few small estates a year to selling millions each year. This growth has been the result of the hard labor and dedication by Todd, his Wife Donna, the rest of his entire family, and his team of dedicated staff members. Todd grew up in a household where his parents made their living in the antique business. “I can remember many trips door-knocking with my father when I was a teenager. We used to ride around and pick items at estates in the area. I helped them work the antique circuit in multiple places throughout North Carolina and Virginia. That was when I was bitten by the antique bug.” Over the years, Todd has broadened the spectrum of the company to handle more than just antiques. Any estate, regardless of the contents, can be liquidated. The core focus of Leinbach Auction & Realty is to offer turn-key full estate liquidation. That includes real estate, rare collectible items, vehicles, important historic items, and more.


“Here at Leinbach Auction & Realty we strive to provide the most honest and professional estate settlement you can find anywhere. Also, we have the ability to market, sell, and ship items all over the world through our internet platforms. The difference between us and them is that we work harder for the client. We dedicate our time to making this process as easy on the client as possible, and the results demonstrate that. I’ve dealt with hundreds of estates, and throughout the last two or three decades I’ve handled tens of millions of dollars in this business and have met some truly wonderful people who not only became clients of mine, but also friends. I look forward to helping the next person, the next family, and all those involved in this extremely difficult process of estate settlement. We want this to be a very easy, delightful, and profitable transaction.”

– Todd A. Leinbach, Founder

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“We take our slogan, “The Estate Settlement Professionals” very seriously. We promise to provide our best efforts to make your items bring top dollar. The better the items sell, the happier everyone is, and that is our ultimate goal. We operate with integrity, and work hard to make sure that every item is given careful attention to ensure that it is properly represented to the public. We have garnered a reputation for being an auction company that you can entrust with your confidence, and we promise to keep it that way.”

– Todd A. Leinbach, Founder


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